Welcome to nkululeko’s documentation!

This documentation contains installation, usage, INI file format, and tutorials of Nkululeko, Machine Learning Speaker Characteristics. The program is intended for novice people interested in speaker characteristics detection (e.g., emotion, age, and gender) without proficient in (Python) programming language. Main features of Nkululeko are:

  1. Finding good combinations of acoustic features and models (classifier or regressor) for speaker characteristics detection,

  2. Characteristics of the database, such as distibution of gender, age, emotion, duration, data size, and so on with their visualization,

  3. Inference of speaker characteristics from a given audio file or streaming audio (can be said also as “weak” labeling for semi-supervised learning).

Altogether, this make Nkululeko as a good teaching/learning tool for speaker characteristics detection by machine learning.

The examples only covers some important features of Nkululeko. For more details, please refer to the Nkululeko Github page and Felix’s web page.



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